Valuation 20/20 is the place to network with decision makers and highlight your company to the appraisal industry. This new style of conference will make it easier for you to pick and choose the type of promotion that benefits your company the most.
We have a renewed focus on the tradeshow floor. The trade show will be just one day but will not compete with any Continuing Education. We have come up with some great networking ideas to keep the trade show busy the whole day! Our booth size and layout make it perfect for startups and first-time exhibitors. The Lagniappe Lineup is a great way to drive traffic to your booth for special announcements or giveaways.
We also have a stage on the trade show floor for companies that want to do demos and get the attention of the whole crowd. There is also plenty of meeting rooms to rent if you would like to throw a cocktail party, host a breakout session, or just need some meeting space. If you don’t feel like doing either of these, we have customizable stand-alone sponsorships to help promote your company.
The Valuation 20/20 set up is completely customizable for companies to make sure they get the right fit for their brand and the most exposure possible to the appraisal profession. Download our media kit to find out which options are the best fit for you!

For more information on exhibiting or other sponsorship opportunities,
please contact Jim Morrison at or 513.919.4700.